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When student athletes are injured on or off the field, urgent orthopedic care is crucial. Through our partnerships with high schools and universities, Holy Name is able to provide fast and comprehensive care for injured athletes, even on nights and weekends.

By partnering with Holy Name’s Department of Human Performance and Pfisterer Orthopaedics, your school and athletic trainers can connect with Dr. Dennis Pfisterer and his team to get injured athletes the timely care they need in emergency situations.

Rapid Access to Orthopedic Care

Dennis Pfisterer md

Dr. Dennis Pfisterer serves as the official team orthopedic surgeon for Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell, and Park Ridge High School in Park Ridge. He manages practice and game coverage to ensure athletes stay on the field and court all season long.

Dr. Pfisterer and his team have worked with elite, professional, and Olympic athletes and are always available when it matters most. Dr. Pfisterer and the orthopedic specialists in his practice diagnose and treat all sports-related injuries, including fractures, ACL and meniscus tears, labrum injuries of the hip and shoulder, rotator cuff tears, Achilles tendon problems, and much more.

Athlete Health and Wellness

Holy Name's department of Human Performance partners with schools to support the overall health, wellness, and development of students and faculty.

We draw on resources from orthopedics, sports medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, primary care, emergency medicine, cardiology, nutrition, behavioral science, sports performance, and years of experience in professional sports.

This has allowed us to develop a model that provides local communities with an elite level of care that athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers won't have to wait weeks to receive.

About Our Program

When your school partners with Human Performance at Holy Name, you have direct access to a suite of services including: sports performance baseline assessments and programming, sports physicals, concussion screening and return to play, employee new hire physicals, vaccinations, connections to primary care physicians, and game coverage.

If you don’t require the complete package, we offer individual services to help you ensure your students and faculty receive the urgent orthopedic care they need.

Contact Us

To explore a partnership between your school, Holy Name and Pfisterer Orthopedics, contact Reg Grant 201-833-3042.